Air Conditioner & Water Cooling Fan

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Overview: 1. Different cooling atomization technology: The portable air conditioner adopts atomization technology to convert the hydration in the box into ultra-fine water molecules and blow out low-temperature and air-conditioned air. Without making your skin excessively dry. 2. Unique product charm: you can use other products on the market, we use unique products and add ice cubes and essential oils. The magic power, which cools the wind, determines the action. 3. Simple operation: This private space cooler does not contain harmful substances. Just fill the full water tank with water, then plug in the power supply, computer, or mobile power supply and start using it!

 Product information: Power type: USB Color: Ivory White Rated Power: 25W Specification: 167*225 * 120mm Operation mode: touchscreen Motor type: brushed motor Additional functions: cooling with ice water Fan Speed Mode: 2 gearCold air fan parameters: L7 Power: 25W Battery capacity: 1800 mA Charging time: 2.5-3H Range time: 1-6 hours in first gear, -3 hours in strong gear Gear position: Fan 2nd gear, atomization 1st gear continuous, 2nd gear 5 seconds indirect