All-Season Baby Carrier & Waist Stool



Versatile Design: This backpack serves as both a strap and a back bag, offering convenience and flexibility for parents.

 👶🎒 Shoulder Strap Method: Designed for comfortable carrying on the shoulders, ensuring ease of use for parents. 

🤗 Multi-functional Strap: With multiple functions, this backpack adapts to various needs, making it perfect for outings and travel. 

🌟 Maximum Load: With a maximum load capacity of 30kg, this backpack is sturdy and reliable for carrying essentials. 

💪 Suitable for Ages 0-3: Ideal for toddlers, providing a secure and comfortable carrying option. 

👶 One Size Fits All: Designed to fit children of all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your little one. 

📏 Available in Multiple Colors: Choose from Ice Star Green, Princess Pink, Star Blue, Midnight Blue, and China Red, all made from cotton for comfort in all seasons. 🎨

Experience convenience and style with the Kids' Multi-functional Strap Backpack. Perfect for busy parents and adventurous little ones alike! 🌈