Baby Toddler Anti-fall Pillow



The AIBEDILA Baby Head Protection Headrest Cushions (model AB268) are innovative cushions designed to provide gentle support and protection for your newborn's head. Crafted with care, these cushions are specially contoured to cradle your baby's head while they rest, play, or nap. Made from soft and breathable materials, these cushions offer comfort and security. The cushions can be used in various scenarios, such as during supervised playtime or while your baby is lying down. Their ergonomic design aims to prevent flat head syndrome by evenly distributing the pressure on your baby's skull. These headrest cushions are a thoughtful addition to your baby care essentials, ensuring your little one's comfort and well-being.




Details:Brand: AIBEDILAProduct Name: Baby Toddler Anti-fall PillowProduct Material: Crystal velvet, Breathable fabric, polyester fiberProduct size: 33*19*6cmProduct style: Frog, Deer, Bee, Bear, Butterfly, Lion