Car Interior LED Light



Introducing the Car Interior LED Light: Illuminate your car's interior with our decorative touch lamp, adding a touch of ambiance and functionality to your vehicle. This mini USB LED light is designed to provide convenient lighting whenever you need it.


Material: PVC LED
Size: 53mm*27mm*10mm
Shell Color: Transparent
Light Color: White/Ice Blue/Blue/Pink/Colorful
Input Voltage: 5V
Battery Capacity: 200mAh
Lamp Beads: 4/6pcs
Charging Time: 40min
Lighting Time: 2H
Features: Mini, compact, lights up at the touch of a button
Quantity: 1pcs


1. USB charging car LED touch lighting, ideal for car interior reading or auxiliary lighting to create ambiance.
2. Mini design allows for easy installation in various car interior spaces without taking up much room.
3. Magnetic and nylon tape design for versatile installation options without causing damage.
4. Touch-sensitive switch for effortless operation, providing soft and non-dazzling lighting.
5. High-brightness LED lamp beads ensure clear illumination, making it easy to find objects in dark areas.
6. One-piece design with strong sealing, dustproof, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant.

Package Included:

1* Car Decorative Light

Enhance your driving experience with our Car Interior LED Light, providing convenient and stylish illumination whenever you need it.