Foldable Silicone Hydration



Introducing Our Silicone Folding Water Bottle:

Ensure Safe Hydration with Our BPA-Free, Odorless Design

Crafted from BPA-free, food-grade organic silicone, our water bottle guarantees safe drinking experiences. It has passed LFGB, SGS, and FDA certifications, ensuring it's free from PVC, latex, phthalates, and plastic odors. Featuring a food-grade liquid silicone bottle and plastic cap, it's hygienic and safe for children to use confidently.

Leak-Proof and Easy to Clean

Our patented sealing screw cap eliminates leaks and spills, while the wide-mouth design facilitates easy cleaning and allows for the addition of ice or lemon. Prior to initial use, we recommend soaking the bottle in boiling water for 10 minutes for thorough cleaning.

Cold and Heat Resistant

With outstanding heat resistance (-50°C to 200°C), our bottle is suitable for all activities and sports. Its leak-proof and impact-resistant properties ensure it remains tightly sealed even when squeezed or jostled. While it's compatible with liquids up to 70°C, we advise against using it with hotter liquids to prevent burns.

Lightweight and Convenient

Our 20oz (600mL) portable silicone bottle is foldable, capitalizing on the soft silicone's flexibility for compact storage after use. Its lightweight construction enables easy transportation, allowing you to stay hydrated anytime, anywhere.

Experience the ultimate combination of convenience, safety, and durability with our Silicone Folding Water Bottle.