Magnetic Chess


Experience hours of fun with the family with our Magnetic Chess - the game that combines thinking skills and logic.

🧠 Stimulates intelligence

👪 Fun for all ages

🚗 Perfect for travel

♟️ Easy storage

Say goodbye to boredom with an educational and stimulating game 🎓

In a world where digital distractions are unavoidable, Magnetic Chess™ offers a nostalgic yet modern solution. This game not only helps develop important cognitive skills but also brings friends and family together for unforgettable moments.

Experience the power of magnetic chess 🧲

Our Magnetic Chess™ set uses powerful magnets to securely hold the pieces, even when you're on the go. This clever design allows you to enjoy every game worry-free, no matter where you are - without the risk of losing pieces.

Endless hours of enriching entertainment 🕰️

Whether you're at home, camping, or exploring the world, our magnetic chess game is your constant companion. It's a source of educational entertainment ideal for stimulating your brain while having fun.


Material: ABS and magnets


1x Game board 30x Magnetic balls 1x Storage bag 1x Turntable