Portable Electric Tire Inflator



Introducing the Portable Electric Tire Inflator – your ultimate companion for on-the-go inflation needs! Whether you're a commuter, cyclist, or outdoor enthusiast, this versatile inflator is designed to keep you moving with ease.

Crafted for convenience and performance, our portable inflator boasts an easy-to-read LED digital pressure gauge and ergonomic design, ensuring effortless inflation in minutes. With a user-friendly 3-mode switch featuring high, mid, and low pressure settings, achieving optimal tire pressure has never been simpler.

Equipped with a range of attachments to accommodate various inflatables, from tires to sports equipment and inflatable mattresses, this inflator is your all-in-one solution. Plus, with built-in safety protection to prevent over-inflation, you can inflate with confidence and peace of mind.

Compact and portable, our inflator is designed to accompany you wherever the road takes you, fitting seamlessly in your car or garage for easy access when needed most. Don't let deflated tires slow you down – keep rolling smoothly with the Portable Electric Tire Inflator, the must-have tool for drivers everywhere!

Small and mighty
Item Width: 1.7in
Item Length: 6.3in
Item Height: 2.6in
Item Weight: 1lb 
Voltage: 8.4v
Air Pressure flow Rate: 25L/min